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Callestick Farm's delicious range of ice creams are all made at Callestick Farm. Using the fresh milk all from their own free range herd, rich double cream or thick Cornish clotted cream, as well as the finest natural ingredients – their dedicated team in the factory produce flavour upon flavour of champion Cornish ice cream.

Aside from being made in the Cornish countryside and by caring local hands, there are a couple of other factors that make their ice cream so delicious.

Their happy grass fed herd has a lot to do with it, as their milk produces so many beneficial vitamins and minerals which goes into our ice cream.

Clotted cream is a renowned Cornish treasure, and while it’s lovely with jam and scones, Callestick farm think it’s even lovelier mixed with a host of other flavours and popped into a tub or onto a cone! Clotted cream is a much denser, richer cream than most, which gives it a more concentrated flavour in the ice cream. 

How It Is Made.


  1. Milk from their herd of Jersey x Friesian cows arrives fresh into the factory each day from the dairy across the valley.

  2. The milk flows into the ‘heating tank’ and they add all the key ingredients; double or clotted cream, skimmed milk powder (for protein), sugars & stabilisers.

  3. This mix passes through a homogeniser, producing really smooth texture, and then into the pasteuriser where it is held at 66°C for half an hour to destroy any bacteria.

  4. It then passes through a plate cooler and in to one of the aging vessels to finish cooling. The mix is then chilled overnight – this is known as ‘ageing’.

  5. Any flavourings are then added to the mixture before it is pumped into the continuous freezer. Fruits or confectionery are dropped through the hopper into the semi frozen ice cream.

  6. The larger tubs are filled by hand but the little theatre tubs are filled automatically using the Flex-e-fill machine.

  7. The smaller pots - poly pots, 125ml or 500ml - are filled, lidded, coded and boxed before they go into the freezer, the hand filled tubs are filled lidded, labelled, date coded and trolleyed into the freezer.

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