Collection: Nearly Home/Nearly There Trees

Introducing our Nearly Home Trees Collection: Inspired by Cornwall's Iconic Trees at Cookworthy Knapp on the Cornwall/Devon border.

Embark on a journey through the enchanting realm of Cookworthy Knapp, where the beloved trees have captivated the hearts of holidaying visitors and residents alike. Nestled along the A30 near Lifton, these 140 beech trees mark the cherished border between Cornwall and Devon—a sight familiar to those embarking on travels or returning home.

Known by many endearing names such as 'Cornwall beyond', 'grandma's trees', 'nearly home' or 'coming home trees', 'the unicorn's wood', and 'fairy wood', the Cookworthy Knapp clump has served as an endless well of inspiration for artistry and wonderment among Devonians and the Cornish.

Unveil the mysteries woven within the fabric of history as you explore the stories behind these legendary trees. Planted over 120 years ago, their origins spark fascination and speculation. One romantic tale whispers of a farmer's enduring love, as the plantation stands as a poignant tribute to his late wife. Gaze upon the copse from above, and the shape reveals a heart—nature's tender embrace.

Uncover more theories as to the purpose of this breathtaking landmark. Perhaps the trees were intended as a defining landscape feature, demarcating the northern edge of the Lifton Park Estate or providing sanctuary for pheasants. The moniker 'Trafalgar Clump' hints at a connection to a pivotal war, although its timing may not align with historical events.

Another intriguing hypothesis delves into the realm of cattle drovers, who are said to have planted trees in clusters across the country's hills to mark water sources for their beloved herds. Could this grove also conceal a hidden quarry atop the hill's crown? Local legends whisper of ancient burial sites, evoking visions of kings and forgotten tales.

Immerse yourself in the essence of Cookworthy Knapp with our exquisite collection, featuring designs infused with the spirit of these iconic trees. Each product is a testament to the enduring beauty and captivating allure of this extraordinary natural wonder. Discover a touch of magic as you embrace the essence of Cornwall's beloved trees with our Cookworthy Knapp Collection—a tribute to their timeless charm and eternal presence.