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Sustain Studio

Sustain Studio Cornwall - 12-inch Square print - Sunshine Soul

Sustain Studio Cornwall - 12-inch Square print - Sunshine Soul

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is the second print to bless your soul, from the new 'Sunshine Collection'

Designed and created with summer in mind, Sunshine Soul is sure to put a smile, on any face! Featuring a bold, funky seventies typography, and fun sun and sea graphics, the print will ensure to brighten any space and lift the positive vibration in no time.

The warm hues are reminiscent of days spent under the glorious sun.

Do you have a soul full of sunshine?

Although gouache, paper cut-outs, and pencil were used originally, ‘Sunshine Soul’ has been digitally mastered.

The illustration has been digitally printed onto NEW LUXE, PREMIUM paper, which features a recycled fleck and heavier weight. The paper is 100% Recycled Natural Fleck in 350gsm and has a luxe, sheer matte finish.

Despite the natural paper fleck, the pulpy, fibrous paper texture has been digitally printed onto the paper and is not a reflection of the original paper grain. To see the original paper grain, check the back of the print!

This peaceful and positive print would sit soothingly in any space, especially where extra energy is needed! Get the summer glow...


Each print comes cloaked in biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable packaging, that has been beautifully branded and wrapped with the greatest of love and care!
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